Flexible Clinical Modules

Our device integration platform is more than meets the eye.  Our platform can be enhanced with clinical modules that enable you to increase billable activities, better your staff utilisation, and provide better care with less resource.  These modules are fully HL7 enabled.

These modules include, administrative such as admission and discharge, rostering and resourcing.  Clinical, such as respiration, charting of medical data, nurse handover, doctor's orders, complication, medication.  Reporting, including statistics and compliance reports.

Real-time data collected by the integration platform feed into our Intensive Care and Operating Room clinical modules.  These modules provide you the ability to access and view real-time clinical data anytime, anywhere.

You can observe and consult patients or teach peers within the unit, across facilities, and beyond the physical boundaries of your organisations, providing far-reaching and life-changing care to those you serve.