MDH Medical Device Hub

Device Integration Platform

Devices are becoming more sophisticated and more prevalent in hospitals.  They are scattered around in high acuity units, general wards, and surgical rooms yet they perform similar functions and collect similar data. They are scattered around in high acuity units, general wards and surgical rooms, yet they perform similar functions and ollect similar data.

The Precept Health device integration platform unifies these devices and their data into a centralised repository.  Data is fed to the EMR for recording and reviewing in context of a patient’s history, breaking barriers and making information accessible to all authorised users.  

Studies have consistently showed that accessible data across the facilities increases quality of service and productivity, and reduces nurse workload by 20%.

A solid foundation

The device integration platform is your foundation for a totally integrated environment without having to overhaul your current fleet of devices simply to keep up with technology advancements.  As new devices are purchased you simply plug them into the networked platform and they automatically synchronise and download device drivers* for immediate use.

An integral part of the platform is a fleet of Precept Health smart integration hubs.  Devices connect to the hub and onto the network platform.  Data is safeguarded in case of network failure therefore ensuring integrity and completeness of patient data.  The platform also protects patient safety by providing positive device-patient association.

*requires purchase of device drivers