ICU Care

Precept Health ICU Care is a critical care information system for Intensive Care Units (adult, neonatal, paediatric, and specialty intensive care).  

It is a domain specific, modular based unit management and point of care information system.  The system delivers operational efficiencies as well as meeting ICUs’ strategic needs to drive research based improvements.  

The system is a proprietary software and hardware solution.  In relation to software, the system provides a platform for ICUs to manage clinical, administrative, and unit staff activities.  ICU Care also comes with a suite of specialised ICU clinical tools, reports, and query tools and uses responsive service oriented architecture.  

In relation to hardware, the solution uses Precept Health’s proprietary medical device integrator which collects, standardises and concentrates data from multiple medical devices (pumps, monitors, ventilators etc) and feeds this to our software for display and analysis.  

The ability to manage and link clinical, administrative and staff activities is unique.  It gives the ability to draw inferences and performance trends of an ICU as a business unit.

At the Patient Bedside

ICU Care runs as a bedside point of care system.  Clinicians use ICU Care to manage their clinical workflow and care plan for patients.  

The diagram below illustrates how ICU Care is used at the patient bedside.  In a typical ICU environment, a patient has a range of medical devices at their bedside.  These include patient monitors, pumps, ventilators and so on.  First, we collect, standardise, and concentrate this data via our proprietary medical device hub (black/blue box in the diagram).  Concentrated data is fed into our ICU Care software application which is running on a standard personal computer by the patient bedside.  The computer displays clinical charting and clinical records for the patient.  This replaces the traditional paper charts.  

The application is flexible enough to allow clinicians to look at patients’ clinical charting and records from a different bay (i.e., looking at patient B’s records while working at patient A’s bedside computer).

At the Nurse Station

A typical configuration has one bedside ICU Care per bed and one ICU Care at the nursing station.  All stations are linked to a centralised application server and database.   All data (clinical and management) can be viewed at any workstation running ICU Care located within the ICU, subject to individual login and authorisation settings.

The ICU Care at the nurse station is primarily for administration purposes.  That is, to handle patient admission, discharge, managing unit activities and other similar functions.  In practice, this computer will show the “whiteboard” view most of the time, which manages unit activities, bed placement etc.

Integration with Other Systems

ICU Care interfaces with other systems such as hospital information systems and PACs systems via industry standard HL7 messaging to provide seamless access of patient clinical records.

Meaningful Data Collection

Precept Health ICU Care combines clinical, management, and staff performance management/roster functionalities into one system.  Data collected in one area is intrinsically linked to other areas thereby allowing users to draw inferences and gain added insights to improve unit/ward performance overtime.  This is the cornerstone of our database design.

ICU Care can be used for:

-    Matching staff skills with patient clinical needs.  This takes the guess work out of assigning appropriate staff to patients.

-    Managing staff performance and training requirements/milestones; by clinical tasks, complexity and other parameters.

-    Justifying resource needs and additional staffing.

-    Cost control and analysis, and other functions.