OR Care

Touch Screen Operating Room System

Precept Health Anaesthesia is an electronic anaesthesia reporting system. 

It provides anaesthesia reports that combine operating room administrative data with patient’s physiological data that are automatically collected from bedside medical devices.

Over 30 hospitals worldwide are already using Anaesthesia in their operating rooms.

The system:

• Automatically collects and records physiological data from bedside medical devices (respirators, monitors, syringe-pumps etc);

• Records events and actions on-the-fly during an operation, using a straightforward, tactile, touch screen interface; and

• Produces reports that summarise all administrative information, clinical data and actions taken for each operation.

Precept Health Anaesthesia is an innovative product designed by anaesthetists for anaesthetists, and is fully adapted to anaesthetists’ tasks, habits and professional expectations. The automatic data collection and recording clinical actions on-the-fly saves time normally spent on manual reports and ensures the accuracy of the reports.

Precept Health Anaesthesia supports over 240 medical devices and is currently in use by over 30 hospitals worldwide.